The basic structure and working process of the mill

The mill used in the factory is usually a compound structure, that is, a equipment with parallel two sets of independent working mechanism. 

The mill is mainly composed of grinding roller, feeding mechanism, rolling distance adjusting mechanism, grinding roller cleaning mechanism and transmission mechanism.After the equipment starts, the roller rotates and is in the ready state. The distance between the two rollers is large and no feeding is allowed.


If grinding is needed, the slow roller is usually close to the fast roller, which is called the feed roller. At the same time, the feeding mechanism starts feeding, and the equipment is in a transition state.In the transition state, the feeding mechanism, rolling distance adjusting mechanism of the relevant parts are in action.When the distance between the two rollers is equal to the working rolling distance, the two rollers close, in the working state, start the normal grinding.If it is necessary to withdraw from the working state, the slow roller will leave the fast roller and begin to withdraw the roll, and stop feeding at the same time. The equipment will return to the ready state through the transition state.The feeding mechanism makes the material flow into the grinding area steadily and continuously, and spreads the material evenly according to the working width of the grinding roller.The operation of the feeding mechanism should also correspond to the working state of the roller to control the feeding or stopping of the material.In the higher degree of automation equipment, the feeding mechanism can also automatically adjust the feeding flow according to the amount of material.At both ends of the roller is a rolling distance adjusting mechanism, which can control the rolling roll advance and retreat and adjust the size of the rolling distance.The rolling distance adjusting mechanism usually adopts pneumatic system to drive the roll in and out, less adopts hydraulic control.The rolling distance is usually adjusted by hand.With small equipment supporting the mill often adopts a single structure, the operation mechanism is simple, feeding and feed, roll back often adopts manual control.


Post time: Mar-25-2021