Construction waste recycling equipment and production line

China is currently at a high stage of urbanization, with a huge annual output of construction waste, mainly including concrete, bricks, steel, glass and wood fragments.In recent years, the country has proposed to reuse urban construction waste and improve the utilization rate of resources.And construction waste is not nothing, construction waste recycling products have recycled coarse aggregate and recycled fine aggregate, can be used for road construction, recycling environmental protection bricks, recycled concrete ratio, recycled block, etc., this is the value of construction waste recycling.


Construction waste recycling equipment -- mobile crushing station

Construction waste recycling, crushing link is essential, construction waste crushing equipment generally use crawler type mobile crushing station.The crawler mobile crushing station is composed of a crawler walking frame and a set of fixed construction waste treatment equipment. The fixed construction waste crushing and screening equipment is installed on the movable crawler walking frame, which forms a movable construction waste recycling equipment.

The track walking mode of the crawler moving crushing station can adapt to various road conditions.High crushing efficiency, fast processing of construction waste and high output;Convenient transfer suitable for handling scattered construction waste;The crawler mobile station can be flexibly configured with coarse crushing and fine crushing equipment to meet different discharging requirements.

Construction waste recycling production line

The configuration of construction waste recycling production line needs to take into account the hardness of raw materials, size of raw materials, specifications of finished products, use of finished products, output and other factors. On the basis of ensuring the production effect, the configuration is as simple as possible, saving space and production cost input.In this way, the fixed construction waste production line is not considered, and the mobile construction waste production line is the reasonable choice.

Mobile construction waste recycling production line is also a production line composed of crawler mobile crushing station, which is mainly composed of crawler coarse crushing mobile station + crawler medium fine crushing mobile station + crawler screening station.The crawler coarse crushing mobile station is equipped with a feeder and coarse crushing crusher, which is responsible for coarse crushing of large construction waste;The medium and fine crusher, such as cone crusher or impact crusher, is installed in the crawler medium and fine crusher mobile station, which is responsible for the fine crushing of construction waste.The caterpillar screening station is the vibrating screen installed on the mobile frame, responsible for the fine construction waste particles after screening into uniform fineness of recycled sand aggregate.


Post time: Mar-25-2021